TearNEat is a brand that focuses on delivering high-quality chicken breasts, that doesn't comprise taste for health! Our team is made up of several fitness enthusiasts with many years of competition experience and experienced catering operators.


The ready to eat chicken breast meals is not a "sit-down and brainstorm" sort of idea; All of us have a super busy schedule when it comes to work and business. At the same time, one of our partner who is fitness enthusiast that tries to bodybuild so you already know that getting that protein in is super important to him. So we talked to another partner who is in catering whether it's possible to develop a ready To-Go chicken breast in his free time. Aaaaand... Vio-la!

The Ready-To-Go chicken breast is born! We brought it to the gym to snack on it after our workout and there are many people wanted to get their hands on our freshly made chicken breast, hence, we decided to start a new brand. As you already may have guessed it, the name "TearNEat" highlights the convenience and the unique selling point of our product, there is ZERO HASSLE, all you literally have to do is Tear & Eat! :)